In the media

I write about my research in a variety of online forums, including OpenDemocracy, the Conversation and the DevPolicy Blog.

July 2019. How to get women’s voices heard in African politics. Mail & Guardian [with Nic Cheeseman].

March 2019. Why African democracies are failing women — and what we can do to fix it. Mail & Guardian [with Nic Cheeseman].

February 2019. Women politicians in Africa face huge odds but can make a real difference. The Conversation.

November 2018. Do International Observers Go Easy on African Elections? Washington Post (The Monkey Cage).

May 2018. How populism can be turned into an opportunity, not a threat. The Conversation [co-authored with Nic Cheeseman, Fernando Casal Bértoa and Lise Storm].

April 2018. How to take the right risks in international development. DevPolicy Blog [co-authored with Nic Cheeseman].

February 2018. Five lessons for researchers who want to collaborate with governments and development organisations but avoid the common pitfalls. LSE Impact Blog [co-authored with Nic Cheeseman].

October 2017. Time to stop talking about ‘closing space’ for civil society? Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

June 2017. Why does research on democracy support neglect success? Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

March 2017. Are we measuring what really matters? Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

March 2017. Can democracy supporters let civil society be itself? Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

October 2016. Political parties: Hard to work with, impossible to ignore. Democracy in Africa.

August 2016. Finding windows of opportunity for political reform. Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

July 2016Should we abandon the sister-party approach to democracy promotion? Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

March 2016. How to navigate trade offs in parliamentary strengthening. Oxford Politics and openDemocracy.

February 2016. Politics and parliamentary strengthening: where to now? Oxford Politics and openDemocracy.

August 2014. Budget support: past allocations and future prospects. DevPolicy Blog.